Sunday, 15 September 2013

What Are The Best Learning Toys For Toddlers

Is your toddler a bundle of energy that keeps you busy all day long? My sister is an older mom and she finds it hard to keep my niece occupied and entertained sometimes. She has a son who is five years old and is now in kindergarten and his almost two year old sister is missing him. She misses playing with her brother and she also misses the fun of watching him play with his toys and then trying to copy what he does! 

With her her second birthday coming up I decided to look for a toy that would really capture her attention, something bright, colorful and appealing. As most toys for toddlers are suitable for both boys and girls she already has her brother’s old toys to play with, but I wanted to choose something special and more girly for her. 

When I started to look I found there were lots of great toys and games to choose from and at various prices to suit all budgets. I decided I wanted to buy her a educational toy but it had to be fun too. I also like to buy toys that will grow and expand with the child and will provide hours of fun for years to come. So, I started my search and chose a cute picnic set and also found some other great ideas for Christmas gifts for other small family members and friends children. 

LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

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I chose this pretty pink picnic set because it’s great for pretend play but also teaches colors, shapes, sharing and manners with a please and thank you song. It’s girly and pretty enough to appeal to my niece but my nephew also has fun playing with it. They love lifting the lid of the basket to hear a variety of songs and sound effects which also encourages them to do a variety of activities. My niece soon learnt how to stack, store, match, sort and empty and fill, which is her favorite thing at the moment! The learning process can be extended by connecting to the online LeapFrog Learning Path and customizing learning for your child.

Fisher Price iXL 6 in 1 Learning System 

This handheld learning toy is for the older toddler and is recommended for 3 to 6 year olds who want to learn to read, write, count, draw and have fun. It opens up like a book and has a LCD touch screen with a attached stylus which the child can use to navigate through the games. There are six types of activities to choose from including a MP3 player, note pad, photo viewer, digital reader, art studio and of course games. To get the most from the Fisher Price iXL 6 in 1 Learning System you can connect it to your computer and add your own favorite music and photos. Also, if you load the software onto your PC you can access additional activities such as printable activity sheets and party and craft ideas! 

LeapFrog My Pal Violet

This cute and cuddly puppy teaches children through song, music and lights. Your child can choose different activities by pressing the embroidered symbols on each of Violet’s paws to learn colors, words and emotions. She also sings catchy songs and soothing lullabies, the perfect friend for bedtime. As with lots of LeapFrog toys you can customize My Pal Violet to your child’s preferences by connecting it to your computer. Violet will customize phrases and songs to include your child’s name, their favorite food, color and animal. This cute puppy is great for all day play and makes a cuddly chum at bedtime. 

Playskool Poppin Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper

This is one of my granddaughters favorite toys, no matter how often she plays with it she still giggles every time the balls come shooting out! Playing with Elefun Busy Ball Popper improves hand eye co ordination, teaches cause and effect and develops fine motor skills all through fun. We drop the balls into Elefun’s ears and the power of air shoots them out of his trunk and we never know which way they’ll go, it always surprises us and makes us laugh. The balls are lightweight so no one will get hurt when they pop and shot out everywhere, we then catch them and collect them up to load Elefun up again. There are also several songs to choose from to keep little one entertained and stop parents from going mad! 

Fisher Price Puppy and Pals Learning Table 

This table has lots of activities to keep toddlers busy and happy all day long while learning colors, letters, numbers, shapes and opposites plus much more! The four corners of the table light up and offer different play activities which include a phone, laptop, piano and book. This Fisher Price Learning Table helps develops fine motor skills as the child turns pages, presses buttons and flipping levers. A great feature of this toy is that the legs of the table can be removed and the top panel can be played with on the floor. 

I have fun choosing toys as gifts for children, but I’m also careful to make sure that the toy is suitable for the age of the child I’m buying it for. This is especially important when choosing a gift for a baby or a toddler as they tend to put things in their mouths and some toys could present a choking hazard. Also be aware of toys with sharp edges that can cut fingers or damage eyes, and toys with cords which could cause strangulation. If you are in any doubt about the safety of a toy only let your child play with it under supervision until you’re happy that it poses no threat.